Some photos of Naulakha by Gale Finlayson, summer 2001

Rudyard Kipling was married in January 1892 to Caroline Balestier, whose family lived in Brattleboro' in southern Vermont. He was greatly taken with Vermont on his first visit, in the depths of winter, and the young couple decided to settle there. In 1893 he bought eleven and a half acres of land, high on a hillside, and built a great timber house, set on rock foundations. He gives an affectionate account of the building operations in his autobiography, 'Something of Myself'.

During his time in Vermont Kipling wrote 'The Jungle Books' and 'Captains Courageous', and a number of notable short stories. It was a creative time for his work. But after a very public quarrel with his brother-in-law Beattie Balestier, the Kipling's left Brattleboro in August 1896, and never lived there again.

Later Naulakha was sold, and it is now owned by the UK-based Landmark Trust, who rent it out to visitors. In the summer of 2001 Gale Finlayson made her way - not without some difficulty - to the house, and took a series of photos, which show it as it is today. (Click on the small pictures to see larger versions)

"One of three shots I took of the view from the Kiplings' front lawn."

The middle picture.

Looking to the right.

The main house from the long drive.

A one-storey porch flanking the house.

The garden.

The covered entranceway to the back of the house.

A corner of the main house

"A crazy-angle shot to show the various styles employed."

From the back.

An outbuilding close to the house.

The same outbuilding from farther down the driveway.