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1954 Contains account of the unveiling of memorial plaque on Kipling Terrace at Westward Ho!
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23.2 Anon. OUSC Society Register 1936 Additions & Corrections Dec '36

23.2 Anon. OUSC Society Register 1936 Additions & Corrections Jun '37

1937 Coronation Issue.
23.2 Anon. USC Chronicle (25 copies out of 72)

Published between December 1881 and December 1900.
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Account of the successor to the United Sevices College by its first headmaster.
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Twelve pages of photos by Parry and hand-written descriptions by Beresford.
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Dunsterville, Maj.Gen. L.C. see also G.C.Beresford & H.A.Tapp.

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Bound volume containing first seven Journals, owned and signed by Maj.-Gen. Dunsterville

Vickers, W.G.H See Col. H.A.Tapp, United Service College, 1874-1911.