22. Kipling's Reading and Sources

Beresford, Adm. Lord Charles See G. Stewart Bowles.

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Fairy stories mentioned in Something of Myself p.7. Illustrated by William Brunton.

Culpeper, Nicholas See Walter H. Pollard.

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25.1 Dumaitre, Paule LaŽnnec dans l'Oeuvre de Rudyard Kipling (OS)

Offprint of paper from the above.
21.2 Ewing, Juliana H. Mary's Meadow & Other Tales of Fields & Flowers SPCK
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Quoted in 'United Idolaters'. Illustrated by A.T.Elwes.
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Referred to in 'Wireless'.

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1930 Two copies of an offprint of paper on Culpeper who figures in 'A Doctor of Medicine' and 'Wireless'.
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