40. Parody and Humour
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25.3 Anon Parodies of 'Barrack-Room Ballads'

Typescript (12pp.) of parodies collected around 1955.
25.3 Anon Parodies of 'If'

Seventy-nine parodies collected by J.S.MacGregor, also around 1955.
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25.3 Bell, Robert & Anon. A Guide to Parnassus The Butterfly
1899 Article in satirical magazine (March issue) and a riposte to 'The White Man's Burden'. Magazine also contains S.H.Sime's illustration of 'Tomlinson giving up the ghost'.
25.3 Carruthers-Gould, Sir F. Froissart's Modern Chronicles 1903-6 T. Fisher Unwin London 1908 Satire on contemporary history. See also Gould, F.Carruthers
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25.3 Reed, E.T. Mr. Punch's Book of Arms Bradbury Agnew London 1899 Facetious parody of Debrett's Peerage. Illustrated by author.
See also two bound volumes of Punch Bradbury Agnew London 1902