1. Collected Editions
16 Kipling, Rudyard Bombay Edition Macmillan & Co. London Twenty-six volumes printed on special handmade paper between 1913 and 1927. The initial print number of 1050 was reduced to 500 after Vol. XX. A final five volumes were published in 1938.
12 Kipling, Rudyard Edition De Luxe Macmillan & Co. London Thirty-eight volumes published between 1897 and 1938. Duplicates of Vols. XIII & XIV.The print number varied over the years from 1050 to 350.
11 Kipling, Rudyard Outward Bound Edition Scribners New York City Thirty-six volumes printed between 1897 and 1937. (Duplicate of Vol. XVIII, Early Verse)
15 Kipling, Rudyard Sussex Edition Macmillan & Co. London Thirty-five volumes printed on handmade paper between 1937 and 1938. Most complete edition, largely Kipling's own revised text. Edition limited to 525 copies but many sheets destroyed in the blitz of 1941.Uncollected prose in Vols.29 & 30.