The badge of the 'Order of the Friendlies'

The badge of the 'Order of the Friendlies' reproduced on the cover of War's Brighter Side was designed by Kipling and executed by Tiffany & Co. in London in gold and enamel of the size 'of a two-guinea coin'.

On the obverse are the colors of the old Free State and Transvaal, upon which is imposed the red cross of St. George; at the cross's ends are the initials of the four letters in Greek capitals. On the reverse the four crossed pens are surrounded by the monkish Latin motto, 'Inter Praelia Prelum', 'In the Midst of War the Printing Press' (although prelum is literally a wine-press).

The organization's sole members were Lord Roberts, Lord Stanley, the four editors and "associate editor" Kipling.