Kipling in Gloucester, Mass.

by David McAveeney

In January 1892 Rudyard Kipling married Caroline Balestier, who came from Vermont in New England. After a world trip, the Kiplings settled there in Brattleboro.

The following year they built themselves a great timber house on a rocky hillside, Naulakha. RK wrote there in his book-lined study, where he continued work on the Jungle Books.

James Pringle, of the Boston Globe, who met RK on one of his visits to the fishing port of Gloucester, Mass., found him friendly and unpretentious.

"...he affected no fine raiment or sought notice by distinctive attire. While here he wore a suit of brownish tweed which might have been picked out from a lot on a ready-made counter at the prevailing price for a suit of that quality in those days, $15... Inseparable was the pipe of French briar.."

Rudyard Kipling in his study in Naulakha