For young readers
(and the young in heart)

These were the stories he told his children when they were small. Each time he told them they had to be exactly the same as last time —Just So!

There is much more to Mowgli than you see in the movies, and many more characters in the Jungle Books, Rikki–Tikki–Tavi the fighting mongoose, Kotick the white seal, Toomai of the Elephants....

Puck steps out of the hill in deepest Sussex, and introduces the children to an exciting cast of people from England's past, a Norman Knight, a Roman Centurion, a Tudor Master-Mason, an elder of the Jews in England ...

The next year they meet Queen Bess, a shipwright friend of Francis Drake, an ancient Flint Man, Saint Wilfrid, 7th Century Bishop of York, and Nicholas Culpeper, herbalist, doctor, and astrologer...

If you read theses stories and like them
do write to and tell us.

By the way because his initials were RK Kipling liked to
draw little pictures of Noah's Ark in his stories
as a secret signature.